Mohammed Sami has many things to say about his past life. His imagination is still brimming with storms. This is reflected in his painting techniques with honesty and skill. In his paintings, nothing is stationary; all the drawings appear as if they are moving. Always, there is some thing hidden. Sami always draws his entities with a tragic touch. No time is wasted on static images. Beauty becomes part of this great confusion which the viewers live as the drawings themselves live. When we look at Sami's paintings, we feel as if we do not see all the reality. Many parts of which have vanished, disappeared, erased. Only an inspiring revelation is left. What we see is only the traces of reality. We see horses but these horses are not the real horses that once passed. The painter does not recall his art from memory but rather follows his passion which blurs his eyes with tears. So he sees nothing but ghosts. These ghosts are the prized winnings of a life not lived deeply.We have to search in the depth of the painting about the hidden meaning. This meaning is not sought by the painter. Perhaps because he does not wish to revisit this pain. His hand has clashed with the rhythm of that meaning. It is a rare rhythm in the context of his ability to simplify. In that aspect, the secret of the technical austerity in Mohammad Sami's drawing is inherent; as always the tales consist of hard times. The painter relates a story of a long history of destruction that afflicted his country through restless and astray looks that he directs to a wild land bound in mysterious rhythms. It is merely a play that entices the eyes with its music. There is a great cyclone wrapping the universe with its trance which is inspired from the drawings of Sami in an attempt to embody the legendary terror that covered Iraq, the mother country of this painter. There was nothing but an illusionary image of an incomplete life. In the few curved lines, there are many cries that reside in the heart of the world and the tortured human conscience. This painter is the son of a civilization that is being threatened with extinction.The drawings of Mohammad Sami are the journal of the storm that playfully swept many static images. The painter's hand grasped the wind. There is nothing but the wind. And if the painter has chosen horses to symbolize this wind it is because they represent in all minds a history related to conquests and the principle of regaining good health and defiance. It is a double-faced mirror through which the painter passes to stress that every notion implies a contrary idea. Thus he expresses his familiarity with the controversy about death and immortal life. Following this death, there is a chance of another life coming from the unknown. These paintings, despite all the pain they enfold, do not despair of hope.

(Farouq Yousef) 2012





- Born in Iraq 1984.

- Diploma Institute of Fine Arts Iraq/ Baghdad 2004.

- Living and painting in Sweden since 2007.



- 1999 first solo exhibition, (Bagdad University)/ Iraq.

- 2005 solo exhibition, represented by Ministry of Culture Iraq (Alwasity Gallery) Iraq.

- 2006 solo exhibition, represented by Ministry of culture Iraq, (Al Khanji Gallery), Aleppo, Syria .

- 2012 solo exhibition, represented by Municipality of Norrköping city, (Dag Andersson Gallery), Norrköping, Sweden.

- 2013 solo exhibition ( JAMM ART Gallery ) Kuwait.



- 2006 "Arabian Eyes" By artists from the Arab Gulf, (Al Khanji Gallery), Aleppo, Syria .

-“Cultural Week”, Iraqi/Jordanian Cooperation - Ministry of Culture / Iraq.

-National Museum of Iraq/ Baghdad.


- 2007-2008 " World discussion" International Biennial of Contemporary Art, Sant-Petersburg/ Russia.

-"Culture Week", Iraqi/French Cooperation, (Athar Gallery), sponsored by UNICCO.


- 2008 "Stockholm Autumn salon " by the Union of Artists of Immigrants in Europe / Finland.

-A Joint Exhibition with tow German artists, sponsored by Syrlin,International Art Gallery (Im Zentrum), Stuttgart, Germany.

-A joint exhibition with one German artist (Gallery Marktgraf) sponsored by Syrilin International of Contemporary Art, Aimidinken, Germany.


- 2009 "Good Morning Paris" art fair of Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates.

-"Autumn Salon", Paris, France.


- 2010 "Autumn Salon", Rudd Claire Gallery - London, with Union of Artists of Immigrants in Europe / Finland .

-"Anti-war exhibition " Oldenburg /Germany.

-"Summer Exhibition" (Kunstfuruom) Norrkoping/ Sweden.

-"For Sweden Now" group exhibition, Katrineholm, Cultural House, Sweden.


- 2011 (Digital participation) “ Art Paris ” at Le Grand Palais, France.

-Norrköping Art Museum ''Culture Night''/ Sweden.

- 2012 '' Art 4 Pease'' (Gallery CUT UP ) Germany.

- 2013 ''December Salon'' Katrineholm, Art Hall, Sweden

- 2014 ''I know what I like first exhibition'' ( Curious Duke Art Gallery ) UK.



- 1999 First Prize “Bait-AL-Arab of Arab-League” Egypt.

-First Prize “South–Sinai Association” Egypt.


- 2006 First Prize "Support women ", Ministry of culture Iraq.

- 2014 SECRET ART PRIZE ( Curious Duke Art Gallery) UK.





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